Thursday, 18 September 2014

Life is for living

It has been a while in the making, with time spent reflecting and questioning.  I started blogging 2 years ago and a lot has changed for me since then.  I am at a great place in my life and while I love beauty blogging, it just wasn't enough for me anymore. Since I switched to a cruelty free and more natural lifestyle, I found it increasingly difficult to fill my blog with new posts .  I tried to incorporate fashion, but it wasn't getting me 'excited',  I lost my blogger buzz.  

Then, I began reading fitness blogs and following new accounts on instagram and became really inspired again.

So I am incredibly excited to bring you the new and improved Fit for life Ashly London.  My focus will be on being the best you, fitness, nutrition, travel, fashion, some beauty and all round inspiration for living the best and most healthy happy life possible.

I hope that you continue on this journey with me in to the next phase of Ashly London, and my life.  I am so so excited for what the future holds (for us all).  I appreciate you all for following and connecting with me over the past 2 years. You have been a life line at times...


Love Ashly


  1. Ashley.. I love seeing your updates on Instagram.. you are very inspiring, I look forward to your new uplifting posts ♡ I've always enjoyed your blog ♡

  2. thank you Launna! I always enjoy reading your comments and am grateful to have you join me here xx

  3. Good to hear you've got your inspiration back, looking forward to new posts

  4. Brilliant, just exactly what I needed x

  5. thanks Lauren!! exciting times x

  6. thanks Cat, that means a lot xxx

  7. I am 100% addicted to certain fitness Instagram account. Looking forward to reading fitness posts! xx


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