Sunday, 25 May 2014

I work out....

Nothing gets me in the mood for working out faster than a fabulous new outfit! So with that in mind,  I trawled the internet for some new goodies and was actually really disappointed.  I couldn't find one place that had all the stylish gym gear I was looking for.

However, I did find some lovely bright pieces, which would get me to the gym in a jiffy!

I would absolutely love to know where you get your gym gear! Am I missing out on somewhere fantastic?


  1. Hey Ashly,

    Both good sites below. Check out esty in general. I like Nike, but are you not such a fan? Ive found great stuff in H&M myself which im more than happy with.

    I know plenty of other thing but just cant think of them just now!!

    Hope your well xx

  2. Hi thanks for the recommendations. I do like Nike and H&M, just wanted something a bit different :-) will check out the 2 you have listed xxx

  3. I really need done new gym gear, been wanting some frees forever!

  4. Hi!
    sweet blog!
    do you follow each other??

  5. I would love a pair of new trainers!!! any recommendations?


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