Monday, 5 May 2014

How to keep fresh flying long haul

Hi all, sitting here at Heathrow waiting for my flight to Las Vegas and thought I'd let you know my top tips for feeling fresh and feeling fresh while flying long haul.

1. Lip balm. This is literally a life saver, with all that artificial air your lips take a battering so keep them topped up with moisture.

2. Water. What ever you do keep hydrated. Even if you don't feel thirsty drink water, you will feel 10 times better when you land.

3. Sleep. Try to make sure you sleep as much as possible on the flight.  My trick is to not get much sleep the night before, take an early flight and I end up falling asleep pretty quickly. It means that a) I feel more awake when I arrive and b) less jet lag.

4. Moisture moisture moisture. For your skin as well as your body. I apply plenty of Arbonne rejuvenating cream in the morning after my shower. Its lovely and rich but absorbs nicely. (Tub labelled RC in picture) Then I pop on either a tinted moisturiser or my latest love, Arbonne cc cream. It covers any imperfections but doesn't leave me feeling caked in makeup.

5. Spray it. Me of the best things I've found to keep me feeling really fresh when travelling on planes is a water mist or spray. I'm currently trying out the Arbonne advanced toner which is a spray on, lovely and refreshing.

And that's it!! Do you have any tips when travelling?



  1. Love this! I am always interested in other peoples travel kits

  2. I love this post! When I have a long haul flight, I will definitely bring my sample size of cleanser and makeup pouch to retouch my make up. A neck pillow will help me to get a better sleep too.


  3. Thanks for sharing your products while traveling ;D

    Always very handy to know!

    Happy Friday Girl!

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  4. Great advice! It's always handy to know exactly what to take when traveling!

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