Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How you can have ice cream for breakfast...

Who doesn't want ice cream for breakfast? This is the most delicious yummy kind of ice cream there is and the good news... it is healthy, nutritious and you can eat A LOT of it.. and have it for BREAKFAST!! Life.made.

So how do I do it and what's in this healthy ice cream? I hear you cry. Well do not fear here is the answer to all your questions....

Doesn't it look so good? Well let me tell you it tasted even better!

2 bananas
40g vanilla protein powder (I use Vegan protein by Arbonne)
50ml Almong milk
50-100ml cold water

1. Cut your bananas up and freeze them over night in a container or jiffy bag
2. place bananas and the rest of the ingredients in your blender
3. Blend until smooth
4. Add a sprinkle of ground almonds or cinamon on top

And that is it ladies and gents. So simple, so delicious at only 372 Calories!!

What do you think, do you fancy ice cream for breakfast?

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  1. I seriously have to try this! It looks amazing

  2. it is sooo goood!!! Let me know if you want to purchase the protein doll its really good!

  3. Bananas are the best for making vegan ice cream!


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