Monday, 4 February 2013

How to Avoid being screwed buying a Fake Designer Item online

I have done a lot of shopping online and I love a bargain. But when a bargain becomes not a bargain is when you realise you have bought a big stinkin' fake! Booo

Looking through ebay there are dozens of fake goods from eb ay private sellers and ebay stores like Louis Vuitton handbags, Louis Vuitton purses, Coach bags,  Herve Leger, Christian Louboutin

It happens a lot in I was shocked to see how many of the items on Ebay are Fakes! Sellers will do anything to convince you that the dress they are selling is authentic.  For example:

"It was a gift so I don't have the receipt"
"10000% Genuine or your money back"
"I am selling it for a friend"
"It was a special edition so doesn't have that tag"
"I need to sell it quickly so will take less for a quick sale"

The list goes on and on. A few things to check for when buying designer labels on Ebay which will help lower the risk of buying a fake are as follows:

1. Sellers Feedback
The first thing I would advice to do is check the sellers feedback. You do this by clicking the number next to their user name. How many positive and negative comments do they have? What do the comments say? If you see anything remotely suspicious best to stay away.
2. Other items for sale
What other items do they have for sale?  A lot of people will sell multiple fakes, not all but some. So watch out for anybody who is selling multiples of the same item. Why would anybody buy 4 or 5 of exactly the same dress... be warey.
3. Auction Wording
Really pay attention to the wording of an auction. Some people selling fakes will try and be very clever by using words such as 'like' somewhere in the desciption. So read the whole description carefully before jumping in and bidding or buying the item. If a description for a designer dress says "Other Sizes Available" avoid at all costs. Most of these are cheaply made imported items. Especially Herve Leger.
4. Receipt
Do they have a receipt? Even receipts can be fakes so if they are showing a receipt have a good look. Perhaps google the brand to make sure they have a store at the location printed on the receipt.
5. Location
Where is the item coming from? Some sellers will list the item as in the UK but if you look at the postage time it will say 14+  days. Now we all know it doesn't take 14 days to receive an item in the post if it is being delivered within the UK. So stay away from these auctions as they are most likely foreign sellers posing as ebay England sellers so they seem more legit. Also if you are buying a designer item it is safer to purchase from within the country you are living in. If you are in the UK and you buy a bag from Singapore you aren't really going to have a chance of tracking down the seller if you have a problem and also if you do want to return it is going to cost you a hell of a lot.
6. Google
I use google a lot when buying items to research the actual item and the seller. It only takes a few minutes to enter the sellers name in google and see if anything comes up. If it doesn't then ok that is one good thing but there have been times when I have been moments away from buying then googled the seller and they have come up on a forum as a seller of fake goods. Also check the actual item exists. For example Louis Vuitton only make certain bags in particular fabrics so go to the Louis Vuitton official website and check the bag you are buying was actually made in that particular fabric and style.
7. Ask
Don't be afraid to ask questions. If they are a genuine and professional seller they will respond in a timely manner answering any queries you may have.

So good luck shoppers. There are some great bargains out there to be had and don't hold back any questions you have for me :-)

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