Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ash Bowie Wedge High Top Trainers 2013 Celebrity Style!

It has been a little while since I did the posts

MUST HAVE - Ash Bowie Wedge Light Brown Hi Top Trainer

WHERE TO BUY - Ash Bowie Wedge Trainers

WHAT TO WEAR - Ash Bowie Wedge Trainers

And the trend for the Ash Bowie Wedge Sneaker is still going strong. I think everyone and their dog has been seen wearing these delightful trainers and it is clear to see why... they are amazing!

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Ash Bowie Wedges | Lindsey Lohan in Ash Bowie Wedges | Tatum in Ash Bowie Wedges !!!

You can wear them with just about anything and they are so comfy. They also come in an array of gorgeous colours. For the 2013 Season these are a few of my favourite colours. The orange is just sublime but the green amaazzing!

Ash Bowie Wedge Coral Suede and Orange High Top Wedge Trainer | £149

Ash Bowie Wedge Peacock Suede and Canvas High Top Wedge Trainer | £149

You can wear these with skinny jeans and they will look fantastic or some denim cut off shorts coming in to spring. Comfy and stylish.

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