Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I popped in to boots to pick up a bottle of my usual Utan Brazilian Bronze but to my shock and horror, they did not have it. 

So... in a rush I grabbed what I thought was a darker Utan mousse deciding, although I may end up looking like an oompa loompa at least I wouldn't be pale and uninteresting.

It wasn't until I got home ready to apply that I realised it was not a mousse at all but it was in fact the Dark Lotion - Ibiza Extreme. 

I needed to apply it that night so there was no time to swap it. 

I have found that it is quite different to the Brazilian Bronze Mousse which I reviewed here so felt that I should share my findings!

First of all the bottle is a lot bigger which is a bonus. And Secondly, the lotion is very dark when it squirts out, quite scary. 

I used it quite sparingly thinking it would come out super dark but it actually didn't. I like how even it is and i found it to be rather moisturising so good on my legs, especially at this time of year when your skin can get very dry. 

So don't be fooled by the guide colour it is not too dark at all!!

It lasted well, came off evenly and I liked it a lot.

I will however stick with my Mousse but I will definitely finish this bottle.

Overall 7/10

Have you tried Utan?

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  1. Thank you for directing me to these posts from Twitter - I'd been looking for reviews of Utan for quite some time with no success. Before reading the reviews I would have gone for the lotion but I think I may now try the mousse! x

  2. Hi Vicky. No there aren't many reviews for Utan at all. Let me know how you get on :-) Ash xxx

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