Friday, 31 August 2012

Home Decorating - My favourite picks!

I have literally just moved house, which can be very stressful. I don't like the packing up part at all, in fact I detest it. But the unpacking and decorating I love. 

I am totally obsessed with hunting down all sorts of decorations for my new home. It is one of my favourite things to  do right now, a blank canvas and you can create what ever you like. A fresh start.

So here are some things I have fallen in love with.

This fabric is gorgeous. I spotted it in Peter Jones in Sloan Square. A stylish linen, very girly and bright.

John Lewis Red Rose

 This cuttlery, pink! What else can I say... It is really girly and fun. Again pink, I can see a pattern emerging!

Cuttlery - John Lewis

I have been looking at these drawers for my bathroom. There are many variations on ebay and online. I like the colours of this one and it has the option of using the top part as a seat, or for rolled towels. It also comes in a standard 3 up unit.

3 Drawer storage unit
I really like the mix of dark rich wood and the greenery below. Classy and homely. The ducks are cute too.

This mirror is absolutely stunning! I want it for above my bed, urgh so gorgeous!

And of course something for Poppi. A lovely new bowl... I think she likes it!

Dog Bone Bowl £22.50 Chelsea Farmers Market

Well that is it for now folks.

Love A xx

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