Thursday, 31 May 2012

MUST HAVE - Hobbs Shoes ♡♡♡

I have to say Hobbs is not a store I usually visit or have ever visited. My impression was that it was a fuddy duddy store for the older lady.

However, I was totally wrong!!!

Walking past a couple of days ago I noticed a pair of shoes in the window and went to try them on.

The Hampstead Wooden Wedge £129 @ Hobbs

They may not look exceptionally different to all the other wedges out there at the moment, trust me they are! As soon as you slip them on you can feel it. They are very comfortable, the suede straps are incredibly soft and comfortable. They are sturdy and well made with a soft sole for under your foot.  I just love them, so amazing.

Hobbs also carry a few other shoes which I adore and have added to my wish list.

Spaniard's Sling back wedge now £97 @ Hobbs

Unlimited Lula Court £159 @ Hobbs

So ladies don't miss out and get there...

I love Hobbs!!


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