Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Can you ever have too much sparkle?

I think the answer to the question, can you ever have too much sparkle, is a resounding no!  I do love me some bling... However, this is not just any old bling, these 'favourite things' are items I worked hard for so I love them even more.

For over a year I had a picture on my vision board of a blinged out set of Mercedes car keys, so when I found Deemonte designs just after I got my new car, I was so happy!!! My vision board was coming to life!

I love love love my sparkly car keys and everyone wants to know where they are from so here you go! http://www.deemontedesigns.co.uk/ They other car keys too, plus pictures and they can pretty much bling out anything you want.

Thank You!!! I love them!!

Lots of Love Ashly x

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