Saturday, 15 February 2014

Primark False Nails.. Yes or No?

Well hello there gorgeous chums! So there I was browsing the shelves of good ol' Primark, all the while biting my nails. You see unless my nails are all filed and polished I can not help myself but grab that loose section and bite if off! Sounds gross I know! Anyhoo I came across their huge range of false nails and thought for £1 you can't really go wrong.  Off I popped to the till with my pound coin feeling very pleased with myself.

I got home and the first thing I did was buff and file my own nails making sure I had a flat service to attach the false nails to. Then I got going finding the right sizes to fit my nails.  And let me tell you there were a couple of nails in that pack that literally would have only fitted my big toe.. huge! Don't think I will be using those. Then there were a couple of tiny ones which were way too small for my pinky. The other 20 were all pretty normal sizes which I will be able to use, so it looks like I will get 2 sets of nails for £1, amazing!

The set also comes with glue, result! I went to work attaching the nails and pressing them very firmly on to my nails making sure there were no air bubbles (air bubbles = less secure fitting), gave them a little file and Voila! Beautiful nails.

I am OVER THE MOON with these beauties so its a huge YES, I will deffinitely repurchase! Other french manicure false nails cost from £5-£10 and they really are no better than these beauties!

Have a fabulous weekend! I am off to pick out some more falsies from Primark, whoop!

UPDATE** These looked lovely for about 2 days then started to split at the tips. I removed them after about 4 days. Still great for £1 but I would say more suitable for an event not long term xx

Have you tried the Primark False nails, can you recommend any better?

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  1. They're actually pretty darn good from Primark!! Look lovely x

  2. These don't look like Primark nails at all, really nice!!

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  3. Wow - I can't believe these are just £1! x

  4. I saw these and wondered if they'd be any good, they look great

  5. Two sets for that price is amazing... and they look so wonderful, you did a great job :)

  6. for £1 they defiantly look like they're worth the money! :D

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  7. Order falsies off eBay - 500 nails for less than a fiver


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