Friday, 5 June 2015

REVIV ME IV Treatments

Pictures of celebrities with IV drips attached to their arms have been appearing everywhere. For years, I've heard rumours of celebrities receiving their vitamin top ups via injections. Of course why wouldnt you want to make sure your body has all the nutrients and vitamins it needs?  The only problem was where did I go to receive such a treatment?  So I was pretty excited when I was offered the chance to try the famous REVIV ME Mega boost vitamin wellness infusion drip treatment.

REVIV is a modern wellness spa specializing in IV Infusion Treatments and Energy & Wellness Booster Shots

We were founded by a group of Board Certified Physicians with a combined forty years of first hand experience in treating dehydration and low energy levels. Without argument, we know that the quickest and most efficient way to restore hydration and energy is thru IV infusion and Booster Shots.   

I did have a couple of questions though...

Why would you choose IV rather than just taking a vitamin supplement? When drinking water, sports drinks, energy drinks or taking oral vitamins, they all pass through your digestive tract and you only absorb about 50% of their benefits.  Delivering hydration & nutrients via IV means you get 100% absorption. Well that answers that then!

How long does it take? Our IV Treatments can take as little as 29 minutes for a single IV bag of Hydromax, Ultraviv, Megaboost and Vitaglow.  Our Royal Flush total body purification IV typically takes about 45 minutes. 

When can I start feeling the benefits? You begin to feel the effects immediately and they full develop over the next few hours.  

The Treatment

Great, off I went.  The spa I visited is in Knightsbridge, central London and was really nice.  Clean and relaxing without looking too clinical.  The staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming,  I was running behind and they stayed to wait for me.

My vital stats and blood preasure were taken to make sure I was suitable to have the treatment, I was.  Then the drip was administered.  I am not going to say it didn't hurt at all, there was a little prick but nothing too bad.  I'm pretty sure the thought of it makes it worse.  Once it was in I was taken to a room where I lay on a very modern comfortable bed and was given a blanket, I could have fallen asleep if it weren't for chatting to the staff.

About 30 seconds after the iv drip was attached I had a funny taste in my mouth an was told that was the vitamins so it does work VERY quickly!!

34 minutes later and I was done.

The Results


Directly afterwards I felt quite tired. Bearing in mind I'd hardly slept for 2 days and had been up since 5.30am, it was now 4.30pm.  I began walking to the tube thinking about how I was going to fall asleep on the train.  By the time I got to the tube, 10 minutes walk, I felt so awake I no longer wanted to go home and headed to Harrods to do some shopping!!  When I got home, I even made the dinner (now that is a rarity).  I stayed up that night until about midnight and had one of the best sleeps I have ever had.  The next day I definitely felt more alert and I even woke up early without an alarm.

Would I have it done again? Yes definitely.  If my body is getting everything it needs to work optimally why wouldn't I.

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What do you think? would you give IV vitamins a try?

Ashly x


  1. Ive heard about this as well youre so lucky you got to try it because i want to as well!! haha

  2. Ha ha awwww I was thinking about giving it a go before I got to try it too!!


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