Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A little gift for me from me

Hi all, can you believe it is nearly December? I am so excited.  Even my mum is getting in the Xmas spirit early, normally she puts up the tree 7 days before Xmas at the earliest this year she is putting up the lights on the 1st of December. Crazy! I am so glad that I will be in Scotland with my family for the run up to Xmas too it makes me so happy.

With all the excitement and gift giving in mind I decided to treat myself to a little something.  I have wanted the iPad mini since it came out last year but have waited and waited and finally I thought, I have worked so hard over the past few months I deserve a treat.  So off I popped to the apple store and picked up my new little beauty!!

I decided on the iPad mini 16gb in black and am so happy with it.  Fortunately I had a £100 gift voucher for the apple store so ended up only paying £149.

Have you treated yourself to anything lovely lately?


  1. I love my Ipad, such a great little thing and I would be lost without it x


  2. Great purchase! I wouldn't be without my iPad, they're so useful :)

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  3. Oh I want one! :)

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  4. Ooh yay, you got it! Must let me know how it is! :) XX

  5. Ooh! Great purchase! Enjoy it :D

  6. Fab gift to yourself indeed :) Love my iPad, esp. when I took it on holiday with me.


  7. :-) its so easy to carry around, im loving it x

  8. I want it too!

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  9. I used to have the iPad 2 and loved it, really want another one :) The mini one's look so handy and purse friendly

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  10. I love my mini, so handy! That and my iphone are literally never out of my hand.


  11. yes very purse friendly!! way better than the bigger one xxx

  12. ha ha me too!! I love my mini xx


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