Friday, 27 July 2012


After deciding to try a new fake tan, I chose the Garnier Mousse. The reason? It was the cheapest out of the mid range Mousse available at my local store.

I have to admit I was nervous as the last time I used a mid price range fake tan I was sadly disappointed. However, this one swayed me with its promise of "No self-tan smell".

So... after a lovely warm bath, some serious exfoliation with exfoliating gloves and Clinique Sparkle skin body exfoliator. I was ready to apply.

Generally, fake tan mousse comes with the directions to apply with a tanning mitt. However, I like to use gloves as I find it goes on just as well and it goes a lot further.

So gloves on...


Firstly, the smell - there isn't much at all. Very impressed. I apply generously and I really like the colour, it has a slight sparkle and goes on very easily. It has a faint colour so you can see exactly where you have applied and see any spots you have missed.

What I like most is that it is not a dodgy brown or green colour so you can apply this and go straight out without getting any funny looks.  It does develop a slight smell after an hour or so but nothing too off putting.


The worst point about this tanner is how sticky it is.  Really really sticky. If you aren't applying it to develop over night then I would advice after applying, rub over your body with a dark towel as if you are drying yourself and it will remove any excess and a fair amount of the sticky residue.

I kept it on for 6 hours and then washed it off in the shower.  Here is the result:
Overall, I am very impressed with this fake tan and will definitely keep a bottle at home to put on if I am going out and need a bit of extra colour.

For the price of £9.40 it really is a great deal. Comparing it to St Tropez Mousse dark which I normally use at nearly £40. The colour is not nearly as dark and doesn't come close even after 2 applications.

Not the tanner to go for if you want a really dark look but if you want a natural look under £10 I recommend it totally!!

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